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McAlester Assault Charge Attorney

Criminal charges involving serious violent crimes such as assault and battery, domestic violence, manslaughter, sexual assault, homicide and murder can disrupt families and ruin reputations, as well as lives — even if the charges are dropped.

These charges are extremely serious and must be addressed quickly before matters spin out of control. Delayed action may have a serious negative impact on your defense. For people who are not U.S. citizens, criminal charges can change your immigration status and lead to deportment.

Choosing competent legal counsel to defend you against criminal charges may be the most important thing you ever do. Thousands of people throughout Oklahoma and Texas have chosen the winning team of criminal attorneys at Gotcher | Beaver, Attorneys at Law.

The Need for an Oklahoma Murder Defense Lawyer With Ties to Texas

As an assistant district attorney, Jeremy Beaver developed in-depth knowledge of criminal prosecution, which gives him a significant advantage as your defense attorney.

Attorney Warren Gotcher is one of many successful lawyers in the Gotcher family. Since the 1930s, the legal advocates in the Gotcher family have been protecting the legal rights of people throughout the states of Oklahoma and Texas.

Attorneys Gotcher and Beaver have successfully defended clients in countless courtrooms across Texas and Oklahoma. We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your legal matter at no cost or obligation.

Contact Gotcher | Beaver, Attorneys at Law to arrange your free initial consultation.

Our McAlester assault charge lawyers will travel to incarcerated clients.

The team at Gotcher | Beaver, Attorneys at Law, has more than 50 years of combined legal experience and a network of Oklahoma resources that includes a wide range of respected professionals. We work with highly skilled investigators, as well as expert witnesses who can provide crucial testimony at trial.

Our attorneys work with these resources only when necessary, so we can continue to keep our legal fees reasonable.

Whenever appropriate, we assist clients by providing referrals to drug or alcohol counselors, licensed therapists and treatment centers to demonstrate their intention to rehabilitate themselves. We know this can be the key to a judge's positive impression of our client, and sometimes, that can result in a lighter sentence.

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